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Welcome to Guitar Ninjas!

An Exciting New Way for Your Child to Learn Guitar in Bath!

In Bath, UK

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Are You Looking for Super Fun Guitar Lessons in Bath that Keep Your Child Engaged, Excited & Ready to Rock?

  • Do you want them to have the benefits of an experienced, teacher so they can progress faster?

  • Do you want them to play guitar as a way of increasing their mental wellbeing?

  • Would you like to ignite their passion for an exciting new hobby to keep them engaged?

  • Would you like them to learn an instrument so that they can unleash their creative side?

  • Do you want them to experience the joy of performing with other guitar players as a way to build their confidence?

  • Do you want them to be introduced to a smart approach to learning that increases cognitive function?

  • What if all of this was available in your home city of Bath?


If you answered YES to any of the above, then contact Carrington Guitar Academy​! Get started today by registering your interest in the Guitar Ninjas program and I'll be in touch to discuss your child's unique needs and arrange your first month of guitar lessons for 50% off!

P.S. - For adult lessons click here

What Is Guitar Ninjas?!

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Guitar Ninjas is an innovative system developed by the founder of Melbourne Guitar Academy, Australia's highest rated guitar school according to Google. This licensed curriculum has shown to be successful time and time again with multiple music schools in different parts of the world. I'm proud to say that Carrington Guitar Academy in Bath is now a licensee of this fantastic curriculum.


Students will make rapid progress as they focus on the core 20% of skills used 80% of the time through the 7 key areas of guitar playing and will complete challenges and checklists in a gamified approach that combines a martial arts inspired Ninja Belt System (see the books above) with the XP Point System found in video games to help students level up and go from While Belt Beginners all the way through to Black Belt Guitar Ninjas!

In addition to in person lessons, students will also get access to the Guitar Ninjas Guitar Dojo online portal, a library of tutorial videos that work as a functioning part of Guitar Ninjas and will let students learn at their own pace. What's more, this also acts as a memory jogger for what to practice each week. Was something missed in lesson? No Problem! Simply access the Guitar Dojo and it's all there!

Five Benefits Your Children Will Experience When Learning Guitar


Playing the guitar engages their motor, visual and auditory centres in the brain; a real chemical workout that keeps those neurons firing and intelligence developing.

Big Red Pick Guitar Lessons in Bath


Music is one of the most diverse languages on earth and helps them strengthen social bonds by inspiring the people around them (in other words, you make more friends!).

Big Red Pick Guitar Lessons in Bath


Practice can become a staple part of their daily routine and provide them with motivation and purpose, each proven to be beneficial for mental health.

Big Red Pick Guitar Lessons in Bath


Playing guitar teaches them transferable skills such as creativity, patience, focus & organisation that they can use in other areas of their lives.

Big Red Pick Guitar Lessons in Bath


Whether you’re playing for fun or have a professional career in mind, guitar is INSANELY enjoyable!

Big Red Pick Guitar Lessons in Bath

What They Will Learn

How to ​practice guitar in a fun way that makes them feel more confident

How to play pieces that will help them progress quickly


Super easy ways to memorize the notes of the strings


How to engage the creative centres in the brain and develop their music talents


How to read guitar TAB so they can start to learn independently

How to play music and have fun with other guitar players


How to play melodies that they recognise and love

Transferable skills that will show up in other areas of their lives

The value of showing up every week and smashing their guitar goals!


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Guitar Ninjas

  • Engaging & Interactive 

  • Physical books and PDF's

  • An actual in-person teacher

  • Learning with friends

  • Personalised progress

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  • Random videos

  • No additional content

  • A random online person

  • Learning alone

  • One-size-fits-all

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Guitar Students in Bath

Whether your child is a complete beginner or a budding prodigy, Guitar Ninjas can work for them. Fill out the form below to register your interest!

Gift your child the musical skills they need for lifelong enjoyment!

What CGA Students Are Saying

“My guitar playing, improvisation, melody making, music theory knowledge and confidence have increased tenfold after these tutorials and lessons. After 20 years of being stuck playing Wonderwall on guitar, the fretboard has opened up for me, and I now instead create my own riffs and melodies” - Ole Alfheim (Online Student)

Angelica Carrington Guitar Academy

"Aaron has the class prepared before hand and is super patient. He pays a lot of attention to my hand movements and has an extra camera so you can watch his, which is really cool! We always have fun and he encourages you to keep the good work 🙂" - Angélica Tapia (Online Student)

"Aaron is a fantastic player and I would recommend Aaron as a great teacher with so much knowledge, its so refreshing to have someone explain the technicalities of the guitar 🎸 I'm loving it !!! Thanks Aaron 😊" Tim Hocking (Bath, UK)

Tim Carrington Guitar Academy
Tim Watts Carrington Guitar Academy Best Guitar Lessons in Bath, UK

"I wanted to get better at playing electric guitar for covers and improvisation, with a bit more sophistication, in a village band. Aaron has introduced just the right amount of relevant music theory and technique to complement what I've picked up over the years. I'm now playing basic but passable (to me) blues solos over a better understanding of the theory, with more confidence up the frets". - Tim Watts (Bath, UK)

"I found Aaron to be knowledgeable, experienced, friendly and ever patient as a music teacher. In a few sessions he enabled me to understand concepts I hadn't previously grasped in nearly two decades of guitar playing, which strengthened my ability to come up with my own tunes" - Daniel Absolon (Bath, UK)


"Rory had been having lessons but was very uninspired and not feeling like he was making any progress. Then we were introduced to Aaron and how things changed! His passion is back and every week he is learning something new. Online lessons are well structured and planned, as is the “homework” each week. Aaron is very experienced, knowledgeable and personable, and we would highly recommend him". - Laura Darlaston (Parent/Online Student)

"I have been a student of Aaron’s now for approx 6 months, in this time my progression has come in leaps and bounds. I’m 64 yrs old, Aaron is a tutor that makes you feel at ease where there is no pressure and no rush. You will achieve your goals and you always come away feeling you have achieved something from the lesson. If you want to learn to play guitar then Aaron’s your man. 🎸 PS He makes great coffee!!" - Dave Ball (Bristol, UK)

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Click HERE to see more reviews on Google.

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