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The Road to Fretboard Freedom is Shorter than You Think...

Learn to solo on the guitar the way you've always dreamed and unlock the mystery of the guitar fretboard!

Carrington Guitar Academy Best Guitar Lessons in Bath, UK
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  • Getting frustrated with guitar?

  • Tired of playing the same four songs?

  • Want to nail solos by famous guitarists?

  • Wonder how others make it look so easy?

  • Feel like you're destined to be an 'OK guitarist' forever?

  • Wish you could fly up and down the fretboard?

  • Still confused by the CAGED system?

  • Struggling to play faster stuff?

  • Want better technique but not sure how?

  • Did you last teacher put you off with badly explained theory?

  • Want to learn from someone you can trust?

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Is the Fretboard a bit of a Mystery to You?

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I'll get to the point in just a moment but I figure you'd want to know at least a little bit about the person talking to you... Well, my name's Aaron Carrington (that's me on the left!) and I created Carrington Guitar Academy which is based in Bath in the UK. And the reason for this website is because I used to have the exact problems I mentioned above when navigating the guitar fretboard and learning to solo. However... **drum roll* - I'm proud to say that that is no longer the case!

If I don't say so myself, these days I’m able to confidently create music in a variety of keys and situations and I figured the best thing to do with all this knowledge would be to pass it on, so I created a program called Fretboard Freedom; an in person, small group oriented, personalised route to learning to play guitar solos. What's more, I can even teach you how to write your own while we're at it.

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You'll learn about musician mindset; how to think like a musician to give you the best chance of success at playing whatever licks come your way.

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You'll learn how to play existing solos from your favourite guitarists as well as map out your own with effective phrase building.

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You'll come to understand music as a language and create beautifully arranged guitar solos that will inspire the people around you.

The Basic Steps to Fretboard Freedom

In order to learn to solo on the guitar (or any instrument for that matter!) you've got to get into the mindset of a soloing musician.

What Does This Mean?

It means you have to learn to think the way a musician thinks and approach the problem of writing and playing your own guitar solos how a professional guitarist would. These are things that soloing musicians all do whether they're consciously aware of it or not.

An easy pitfall to fall into is trying to create or learn licks and ideas with no purposeful structure or method. What's more, that professional edge that a lot of guitar players want just never happens. Believe it or not, a lot of what get's passed off as 'natural talent' has a way simpler explanation; those guitar players know something others don't.

But here's the good part; there's tried and tested methods that can be learned by any guitarist who's picked up the basics and maybe more but finds themselves stuck in a creative rut. Fretboard Freedom has a solid structure that will enable you to piece together solo's much more quickly and to a much higher standard.

Of course, it's easy to go down the YouTube rabbit hole once more but I'm guessing you've done that already and trying to get to where you really want to be could take a long time. I can teach you these methods in months; maybe even weeks. A personalised program like Fretboard Freedom will allow you to progress at a much faster pace.

So apart from sounding awesome, what else is good about playing solos?


Playing the guitar engages motor, visual and auditory centres of the brain. Solos do this to a greater extent due their more complex nature.

Big Red Pick Guitar Lessons in Bath


Music is one of the most diverse languages on earth and helps you strengthen social bonds by inspiring the people around you (in other words, you make more friends!).

Big Red Pick Guitar Lessons in Bath


Practice can become a staple part of your daily routine and provide you with motivation and purpose, each proven to be beneficial for mental health.

Big Red Pick Guitar Lessons in Bath


Learning to solo  teaches you transferable skills such as creativity, patience, focus & organisation that you can use in other areas of your life.

Big Red Pick Guitar Lessons in Bath


Whether you’re playing for fun or have a professional career in mind, soloing is INSANELY enjoyable!

Big Red Pick Guitar Lessons in Bath
And for all of the reasons above.... **another drum roll**...

...I help developing guitarists to play and write solos they’ve always dreamed of with my Fretboard Freedom program.

What You Will Learn

How to think like a musician

Analysing and playing the solos you've probably heard many times with fresh ears

How to get over only learning songs and learn how make your own music on guitar

Approaching learning songs by ear

The easiest way to memorize and retain every note on the guitar fretboard

Simple theory ideas that will transform your playing

How to organise your solo in such a way that learning or writing one becomes much easier

Why just jamming until it's right will waste more of your time

Easy fundamental concepts that provide the foundation for every solo ever written

How to build solid technique

Finding those 'juicy' notes that make certain solos stand out from the crowd

How and why music is a language and should be viewed from this perspective

The secrets to sounding like a professional guitar player

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Fretboard Freedom

  • A personalised route to soloing like a pro

  • Get an instant answer to any question

  • Feel more confident about your playing

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  • A personalised route to soloing like a pro

  • Get an instant answer to any question

  • Feel more confident about your playing

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What CGA Students Are Saying

“My guitar playing, improvisation, melody making, music theory knowledge and confidence have increased tenfold after these tutorials and lessons. After 20 years of being stuck playing Wonderwall on guitar, the fretboard has opened up for me, and I now instead create my own riffs and melodies” - Ole Alfheim (Online Student)

Angelica Carrington Guitar Academy

"Aaron has the class prepared before hand and is super patient. He pays a lot of attention to my hand movements and has an extra camera so you can watch his, which is really cool! We always have fun and he encourages you to keep the good work 🙂" - Angélica Tapia (Online Student)

"Aaron is a fantastic player and I would recommend Aaron as a great teacher with so much knowledge, its so refreshing to have someone explain the technicalities of the guitar 🎸 I'm loving it !!! Thanks Aaron 😊" Tim Hocking (Bath, UK)

Tim Carrington Guitar Academy
Tim Watts Carrington Guitar Academy Best Guitar Lessons in Bath, UK

"I wanted to get better at playing electric guitar for covers and improvisation, with a bit more sophistication, in a village band. Aaron has introduced just the right amount of relevant music theory and technique to complement what I've picked up over the years. I'm now playing basic but passable (to me) blues solos over a better understanding of the theory, with more confidence up the frets". - Tim Watts (Bath, UK)

"I found Aaron to be knowledgeable, experienced, friendly and ever patient as a music teacher. In a few sessions he enabled me to understand concepts I hadn't previously grasped in nearly two decades of guitar playing, which strengthened my ability to come up with my own tunes" - Daniel Absolon (Bath, UK)


"Rory had been having lessons but was very uninspired and not feeling like he was making any progress. Then we were introduced to Aaron and how things changed! His passion is back and every week he is learning something new. Online lessons are well structured and planned, as is the “homework” each week. Aaron is very experienced, knowledgeable and personable, and we would highly recommend him". - Laura Darlaston (Parent/Online Student)

"I have been a student of Aaron’s now for approx 6 months, in this time my progression has come in leaps and bounds. I’m 64 yrs old, Aaron is a tutor that makes you feel at ease where there is no pressure and no rush. You will achieve your goals and you always come away feeling you have achieved something from the lesson. If you want to learn to play guitar then Aaron’s your man. 🎸 PS He makes great coffee!!" - Dave Ball (Bristol, UK)

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Click HERE to see more reviews on Google.

Guitar Students in Bath

Learning to write a solo like the pros is right around the corner. Act now to become part of a motivated small group of people just like you who all want to learn to solo on guitar. Fill out the form below to reserve your spot in the Fretboard Freedom program in Bath, UK. 

This is your chance to rise above the rest and become awesome at guitar!

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