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Become Great at Guitar in Just 30 Minutes Per Day

With 1-2-1 Guitar Lessons

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  • Do you want to increase your guitar skills in just 30 minutes per day?

  • Are you ready to commit to guitar playing and finally learn to play?

  • Do you want to learn to play songs from start to finish?

  • Are you stuck learning guitar with YouTube videos and getting nowhere going round in circles?

  • Do you think that your hands are too small to play guitar?

  • Do you think it's too late to learn guitar?

If you answered YES to any of the above, then contact Carrington Guitar Academy​ to help solve your problems! Get started today with a FREE trial lesson.

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We will establish what you want to achieve and create a realistic, actionable plan that can be done in 30 minutes per day.

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3 Steps to Guitar Mastery!

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Next, I help you refine your approach using an exciting & and engaging teaching method that maximises your progress and gets real results.

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You continue to build confidence in your playing abilities you as you nail your practice routine month by month to become a great guitar player!

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So How Exactly How Will You Become a Great Guitar Player?

I often say this phrase to my students;


‘Repetition, repetition, repetition.’


Getting better at guitar isn’t complicated, you just need to repeat the right things for the right amount of time and in the right order.


Yes, it takes work. Yes, you will need to practice consistently. Yes, you will need to repeat things a lot.


But great guitar players you know of aren’t born with some mystical natural talent, they found out how to harness the power of repeating the right things over and over and over but crucially, in the right way.


Let me repeat that, they practice the right things the right way, over and over.

It's through gradual, small improvements over time that bigger, more noticeable improvements are made. And in 12 months time when your friends, family and other people around you start to notice and complement you, that will in turn build your confidence.


Anybody who tells you that guitar playing comes naturally to some and not others has more than likely missed the point of what actually made those people great players. Yes, some are a bit quicker, but nobody gets the gains without putting in the work, nobody.


How Are You Going to do This in Just 30 Minutes Per Day?


It is possible to make improvements to your playing in just 30 minutes per day but you have to remain consistent and do it every single day, no exceptions! If you leave all your practice until Sunday afternoon, I promise you will see next to zero gains, I've seen it happen.


If your life is too busy to manage this, it’s probably better to save guitar lessons for another time.


And if you don’t like to repeat things a lot then becoming a great guitar player will remain a dream, repetition is where the work is.

Are You Ready?


If you’re ready to put in the work with a tried and proven method that my other students have had success with time and again (see the testimonial video and Google reviews at the bottom of the page), then you’re ready to take lessons.


In our guitar lessons, you will have a set routine each week so you will know exactly what to practice.

Click below to book yourself a FREE trial lesson. Say 'goodbye' to frustration and 'hello' to being a great guitar player!

Five Benefits of Playing Guitar


Playing the guitar engages motor, visual and auditory centres of the brain; a real chemical workout that keeps those neurons firing and intelligence developing.

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Music is one of the most diverse languages on earth and helps you strengthen social bonds by inspiring the people around you (in other words, you make more friends!).

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Practice can become a staple part of your daily routine and provide you with motivation and purpose, each proven to be beneficial for mental health as explored in this article.

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Playing guitar teaches you transferable skills such as creativity, patience, focus & organisation that you can use in other areas of your life.

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Whether you’re playing for fun or have a professional career in mind, guitar is INSANELY enjoyable!

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What You Will Learn

Greyed Out Guitar, Guitar lessons Bath UK
Greyed Out Guitar, Guitar lessons Bath UK
Greyed Out Guitar, Guitar lessons Bath UK
Greyed Out Guitar, Guitar lessons Bath UK
Greyed Out Guitar, Guitar lessons Bath UK
Greyed Out Guitar, Guitar lessons Bath UK
Greyed Out Guitar, Guitar lessons Bath UK
Greyed Out Guitar, Guitar lessons Bath UK
Greyed Out Guitar, Guitar lessons Bath UK
Greyed Out Guitar, Guitar lessons Bath UK
Greyed Out Guitar, Guitar lessons Bath UK

How to follow a practice routine to maximise progress

How to learn chords so you can play your favourite songs


Easy ways to memorize the string notes


Simple exercises to help you nail chord changes


What guitar TAB is and how to read it


How to read chord diagrams


What scales are and why they’re important


How to play basic melodies


A comprehensive approach to strumming patterns


How to learn songs by ear


How basic music theory will accelerate your learning

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Liam Gallagher, Guitar lessons Bath UK
Ed Sheeran Guitar lessons Bath UK
Jimi Hendrix, Guitar lessons Bath UK

Who These Lessons Are Not For

Guitar lessons Bath UK

Some of these points may sound harsh but honesty is important in the relationship between teacher and student, your teacher is the one holding you accountable after all. Learning to play the guitar isn't something that you can do overnight. If it was, the chances are you wouldn't be reading this page right now, you know that it's something worth having in your life. There is a very specific mindset you need to adopt if you want to reach your goals and succeed in playing your favourite songs and there are very specific approaches that will get you there quickly. Here are some reasons you might not want to take lessons:

It's not the right time

If you're at a stage in life where you simply feel the time isn't right, then wait until it is before you decide to commit. That way, when you finally go ahead with it, you'll feel all the more ready.

You don't have the time

For beginner players, I recommend 15 minutes practice per day, five days per week plus your weekly lesson. If this time isn't available to you then you'd be better off saving your money until you can confidently put that regular time aside to become a better guitarist.

The cost is an issue

Here's a difficult truth for some but I want to be as upfront as possible. You're much better off investing in a good teacher that will ease your frustration so that you can feel motivated to continue on your guitar journey than settling for less because it's cheaper. After all, you get what you pay for.

Who These Lessons Are For

Here are some of the reasons you might be ready for lessons

You have a passion for music

If you find yourself passionate, exited and motivated by guitar playing, then these lessons are absolutely for you! That passion combined with good direction and a manageable practice routine will help you reach your guitar goals.

You want high quality lessons

If you want high quality guitar lessons and you have the budget, then these lessons are for you. Having a reliable teacher who provides you with the tools to succeed will ensure you go from frustration to jubilation!

You're highly motivated

If you're highly motivated and want to get started right away, these lessons are what you're looking for. We can work together to achieve guitar greatness!

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Carrington Guitar Academy

  • Engaging & Interactive 

  • An actual in-person teacher

  • Learning in a social situation

  • Personalised progress

  • External accountability

Guitar lessons Bath UK
Guitar lessons Bath UK
Guitar lessons Bath UK
Guitar lessons Bath UK
Guitar lessons Bath UK
Big Red X, Guitar lessons Bath UK


  • Random videos

  • A random online person

  • Learning alone

  • One-size-fits-all

  • No external accountability

Guitar lessons Bath UK
Guitar lessons Bath UK
Guitar lessons Bath UK
Guitar lessons Bath UK
Guitar lessons Bath UK


Guitar Students in Bath

Your dream of playing guitar is right around the corner. Act now to learn to be a better guitarist in just 30 minutes per day! Fill out the form below to book your free trial lesson.

This is your chance to rise above the rest and become great at guitar!

What CGA Students Are Saying

Click HERE to see more reviews on Google.

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Book Your Free Trial Lesson

Thank you for your interest in guitar lessons. Complete the form below and I'll be in touch.

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