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CFG CF-80 Guitar Wireless System - 150 Gigs Later

Updated: Jun 30, 2023



Mid-way through last year whilst playing in a residency band in Dubai, Cable Free Guitar (CFG for short) got in touch and asked me to review their CFG CF-80 2.4GHz Guitar/Bass Wireless System.

Of course I agreed and they promptly sent one in the post...

This review will tell you all you need to know about this CFG Wireless, there's also some videos at the bottom so you can see the thing in action in an actual live setting.

The CFG CF-80 Guitar Wireless System Transmitter and Receiver

What Is the CFG Wireless?

The CFG CF-80 2.4GHz Guitar/Bass Wireless System is an affordable, Bluetooth, plug and play wireless system for your guitar or bass. There’s a transmitter that goes into your guitar and a receiver that depending on your setup will either go into your amp or your pedal board.

One notable convenient feature is that both transmitter and receiver operate on a swivel (as shown in the picture above) which means they will fit easily on virtually all electric guitars and amps and won’t protrude outwards. I’ve been using this for a year with a Music Man Silhouette and a Boss GT1000 and can confirm it works perfectly with both.

What Does the CFG Wireless Do?

It allows you to play without the fuss of having a guitar lead attached. This means that in small to medium sized venues you have the freedom to move around not only the stage but also off stage amongst the audience.

Playing in the audience is such a great way to connect with people so if you’re looking to do that, this will help you immensely. Think soloing with a circle of people around you or standing on a table in the middle of the bar type stuff; a whole new level of fun!

How Do I Pair It?

Once it’s charged you simply turn both the transmitter and receiver on with their sliding buttons and they will pair automatically. However, if they don’t automatically pair then simply press and hold the Bluetooth button for 2 seconds on the receiver, let go and do the same on the transmitter and both of them will flash momentarily before pairing. There are only two different buttons which makes operation incredibly simple.

What Kind of Range Does It Have?

The range is about 100 feet which is great for small and medium sized venues. At the date of writing I’ve used it probably at about 50 feet tops but haven’t had any problems.

How Do I Charge It?

It charges via USB and comes with the correct cable to do so. When it’s charging the lights go orange; it takes about 90 minutes to do a full charge and will last approximately 8 hours.

Why Isn't the CFG Wireless 5GHz?

Because 2.4GHz is way more effective when it comes to travelling through solid objects which is obviously important inside music venues. The last thing you want is to lose your signal because there's a concrete pillar between you and the stage.

Any Notable Features?

As previously mentioned, it operates on a swivel which means it’ll fit a range of guitars and won’t stick out too far from your instrument. It also looks pretty cool from the audience too with it’s ice blue lights. It also has a rubber bit on the back which means it won’t scratch your guitar. Thoughtful.

Where Can I Find One?

Here’s the CFG Website for their current range of products and prices:

And lastly, below are a couple of videos. One of the Wireless system and another of their neoprene guitar strap which is also amazing.

My Experience After 150 Gigs with the CFG Wireless Guitar System

I did approximately 150 three hour shows with this thing and it’s been pretty damn faithful. There were signal drops probably a handful of times in an 8 month period but let’s be honest; that could of course be interference from something outside the venue anyway and no product is perfect and at this price, you really can’t complain. Other products are 3 or 4 times as much.

It’s also worth mentioning that signal drops were happening more often on one of our wireless mics that was from a much more well known and expensive brand, I won’t say which. In hindsight, perhaps there was something we needed to adjust but for anyone who’s done residency work, it isn’t quite that simple and I’ll leave that there.

The Videos

If you need any further explanation, check out this video. You’ll also get to see it used in a live setting.

About The Author

Aaron Carrington the owner of Carrington Guitar Academy where you can get guitar lessons in Bath

Aaron Carrington is the owner of Carrington Guitar Academy in Bath, UK. Since graduating from The Institute of Contemporary Music Performance in London Aaron has played in high profile locations such as Buckingham Palace, The Savoy and The London Eye.

He’s been a regular part of the UK wedding and corporate gig scene and has travelled internationally to the Middle East to play in top quality residency bands 6 nights per week. The finesse gained from this level of playing experience is passed on to his guitar students.

Now permanently in Bath, Aaron strives to deliver the highest standards of guitar teaching at Carrington Guitar Academy by offering a personalized lesson plan tailored to each student’s goals. You may also catch Aaron busking regularly on the streets of Bath. If you're interested in guitar lessons get in touch to book a FREE trial lesson!

2 Yorum

10 Eki 2023

Thanks for the information. One question: How noisy is the CFG-80 system?

Aaron Carrington
Aaron Carrington
02 Kas 2023
Şu kişiye cevap veriliyor:

I've noticed a bit of noise when using it with my acoustic guitar but not with my electric. Of course, the noise could be from a number of things so that's worth baring in mind.

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