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Am I Too Old to Learn Guitar?

Updated: Jul 4, 2023

Am I Really Too Old?

This is something I sometimes hear. 'I'm too old'. Well, I'm here to burst that bubble and get you playing!

There's research from the US National Library of Medicine National Institutes of Health that points to the fact that while learning may slow down as you get past your mid 20's, it's still possible to retain a decent amount of new information for the long term.

In short, you can learn the guitar and your age won't hold you back as much as you think it does.


Here's some inspiration for you. This BBC article brings to light several cases of people who are learning way past their prime. Aleksander Hemon from Sarajevo, Bosnia found himself stranded in the US in 1992 after the outbreak of the Bosnian war and thus felt an urgent need to learn English at 28 years old.

Three years later he published his first piece in an American journal and later became a novelist. It also talks about Priscilla Sitienei from Ndalat in rural Kenya who couldn't afford education, had been illiterate her whole life and learned to read and write aged 90! As I often tell my students, it's about the quality and frequency of your practice and of course, the guidance that you receive.

Where to Start

If you're a little bit older and thinking about picking up the guitar for the first time then you probably have a good idea about the sort of music you'd like to play. With that in mind, I'd certainly recommend a teacher.

Are you ready to start your guitar journey?

If you still think you're too old, book in a free trial lesson, I'd love to learn about you and your goals and see if I can help.

About The Author

Aaron Carrington is the owner of Carrington Guitar Academy in Bath, UK. Since graduating from The Institute of Contemporary Music Performance in London Aaron has played in high profile locations such as Buckingham Palace, The Savoy and The London Eye.

He’s been a regular part of the UK wedding and corporate gig scene and has travelled internationally to the Middle East to play in top quality residency bands 6 nights per week. The finesse gained from this level of playing experience is passed on to his guitar students.

Now permanently in Bath, Aaron strives to deliver the highest standards of guitar teaching at Carrington Guitar Academy by offering a personalized lesson plan tailored to each student’s goals. You may also catch Aaron busking regularly on the streets of Bath. If you're interested in guitar lessons get in touch to book a FREE trial lesson!


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